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Functional Specifications

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The following table presents an overview of the state of the functional specifications related to Beam Instrumentation and the links to the corresponding EDMS documents.

All these documents are prepared and edited by the LHC Beam Instrumentation Specification Board. They are then discussed in the LHC Beam Instrumentation Technical Board before to be submitted to the LHC Commissioning Committee and finally the standard LHC approval circuit.

LHC Ring Instrumentation
LHC Ring Beam Position Measurement  Released 01/03/2002
LHC Ring Beam Loss Measurement  Released 10/01/2004
LHC Ring Beam Transverse Distribution  Released 20 / 07 /2003
LHC Ring Beam Longitudinal Distribution  Released 17/01/2002
LHC Luminosity and Related Parameter Measurement Released 10/05/2004
LHC Ring Beam Current and Lifetime Measurement Released 05/01/05
On the measurement of the Tunes, Coupling & Detunings with Momentum and Amplitude in LHC Released 23/07/04
Transfer Line Instrumentation
Injection Line Instrumentation  Released 08/11/2002
Dump Line Instrumentation Released 10/01/2004
CNGS Transfer Line Instrumentation  Released 01 / 05 / 2003
Related Issues
Machine Timing Functional Requirements for Instrumentation In Work -

The contents of functional specifications is described in the LHC QAP document LHC-PM-QA-202.00 rev 1.1: "Document Types and Naming Conventions". Here follows the corresponding chapter.

"... The functional specification shall outline the requirements of the product's design by refining and completing the conceptual design described in the "LHC Conceptual Design" [ 6 ], in the LHC Parameters and Layouts database and in LHC Project notes. It shall establish that the design requirements are appropriate and address the intended use of the equipment.

The functional specification should address at least the following points:

This list is not exhaustive and should be completed as appropriate for each individual case.

The documents, parameters, and other information and data used to establish the specification shall be listed as references..."

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